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You know it’s real when he calls you cupcake

If 5SOS talked to a young fan about "Good Girls"

Young fan: If she wasn't reading books what was she doing in the library?

Calum: *tries to hold in laughter*

Ashton: Oh jeez.

Michael: Someone's gotta tell her

Ashton: Don't you dare

Calum: How about u do it Luke?

Luke: Liz would not approve

Michael: You're such a mommas boy

Luke: Shut up Michael

Ashton: This isn't time for Muke come on guys

Michael: Fine I'll do it

Luke: DONT


Michael: *Kneels down* Well, little girl, when two people love each other very much-

Luke: Michael PLS

Michael: Or they're both horny-

Calum: True

Michael: They put the THINGIE in the THingie and they make love

Ashton: ...

Luke: ...

Calum: haha

Michael: just make sure u use protection. And don't send nudes to people you don't know or else they might end up all over the Internet

Calum: did u just


calum hood literally has the cutest most underrated hair in the whole world and i just wanna run my fingers through it (✿ )

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